Santa Cruz de Tenerife already has its awaited Carnival House. This Wednesday, June 28th, has opened its doors to this new space for the city, with which it will finally be promoted and spread throughout the year the most important festival of the chicharrera capital, the only one of the Canary Islands declared of Tourist Interest International.

Located in the ravine of Santos and with an area of ​​1,052 square meters, this building becomes now the place where residents and tourists can enjoy a little piece of Carnival without having to wait until February. “This is a dream come true, finally Santa Cruz has paid its debt to Carnival,” said the mayor, the nationalist José Manuel Bermúdez, during the inauguration of this museum.

The Carnival House, which has meant a municipal investment of 1.1 million euros and whose works began a year ago, can be visited from Monday to September, between 9:00 and 19:00, for free. Starting in September, the Development Society, an agency of the City that will manage this facility, will charge an entrance, which could cost one euro for residents and two to three euros for tourists.

The Consistory’s intention is that this new center remain open from Monday to Sunday, although “everything will depend on the demand and the income and expenses that are generated,” said during the inauguration, the Councilor for Economic Promotion, nationalist Alfonso Cabello.

This new building houses a permanent exhibition, with elements especially symbolic of the party, such as the first poster (1962), by the painter Juan Galarza; The baton used as a baton by the director of the Ni Fú Ni Fá, the remembered Enrique González, and the first suit of Reina sponsored by a company, of the year 1979. Also, from now on, the winning fantasies of The Gala de la Reina of each year will be exhibiting in this room.

The Casa del Carnaval also has a multipurpose room where temporary exhibitions, conferences, book presentations, talks or seminars will be held. Even its outdoor space will allow activities to be programmed through a removable outdoor stage, which will host performances, concerts or costume presentations, among other events, which will take place mainly after 7 pm, when the museum closes. Precisely, the City Council is planning to carry out in this place the inaugural Carnival 2018.

On the other hand, the Casa del Carnaval has a documentation and research center for the festival heritage, aimed at experts, journalists, students and researchers, which will allow the cataloging of funds and the constitution of a file. And, in addition, it has a large virtual room and workshops, where you can enjoy the Carnival with the latest technological advances and in which anyone who wishes, children and adults, can disguise themselves and make up. “In this room not to touch is prohibited, here you have to disguise yourself, paint and take photos,” said the mayor.

Likewise, the building will have a cafeteria, which will be managed shortly by public competition, and a shop for those who want to purchase products related to the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival. The municipality Chicharrero already has Carnival throughout the year.