One of the decisions we usually make when traveling is in which area to stay and it is usually chosen based on the experience we are looking for. Therefore, it is most likely that the place where we are going to stay offers us precisely the activities that we are thinking of doing. If we are looking for hiking, for example, we will choose to stay in a place close to the trails.

In this way, if we are going to travel to Tenerife we will have to know what the north and the south of the island have to offer and what interest each area has. These are very different from each other, so much so that many times even the locals feel they travel to different worlds. Read on and find out why!

What is the south of Tenerife like?

View Los Cristianos

The south of the island is characterized by being the most touristic area, having multiple activities and a more lively atmosphere.  It is sunny and hot practically all year round, making it ideal for sunbathing or water sports such as kayaking and kitesurfing.

We will find white sand beaches, being the most known and visited Del Duque beach, Fañabé beach and Las Vistas beach. They are usually crowded with tourists, as nearby there are hotels, shopping centers, pubs, bars, restaurants and other establishments for leisure.

On the other hand, Las Americas and Los Cristianos stand out for being the localities of the island with the best nightlife, as it has a wide variety of terraces, pubs and discos that give it a more party and lively atmosphere, leaving no room for boredom.

If you are looking for a place to have fun, go to parties and never get bored, then the south is your area. However, it can sometimes be quite exhausting.

Additionally, this area has the peculiarity that it has numerous establishments created by people of other nationalities, having in this area a huge variety of cultures from different parts of the world, but blurring the essentially Canarian culture. It is very likely that, if you talk to a local, he may tell you that he does not feel that he is in Tenerife when he goes to the south. Of course, this is not at all negative: it is a change of scenery for the locals and tourists get to feel at home... but not being in it.

In short, if your goal is to travel, but feel at home, then the south is ideal for you. However, if you want to know the Canarian culture, you may not have this opportunity.

So what is the north of Tenerife like?

street in Los Realejos

It is in the north area where you will truly know the Canarian culture and see Tenerife in all its glory. Here you will see what really makes this island so special and different from other sites.

This area is greener and has cooler temperatures compared to how hot the south is. On the other hand, it has several museums, monuments and historic cities. For this reason, the north is perfect for those looking for a more rural tourism and in contact with nature or cultural and historical.

You will be able to see stunning natural landscapes while you perform multiple outdoor activities such as hiking and paragliding. Its wide network of trails will allow you to explore the territory: some of the best hiking trails are Vueltas de Taganana, Cruz del Carmen in Anaga and Subida al Teide in the Teide National Park. On the other hand, there are numerous picnic areas to spend a family day near nature such as Los Campitos in Santa Cruz, Parque de la Mesa Mota in La Laguna and Las Raíces (near the locality of La Esperanza).

Not everything is mountain: you will also be fascinated by the numerous black volcanic sand beaches that exist in the north of the island. You can find wild beaches of difficult access aimed at the most adventurous, although before heading to one of them, make sure to check the state of the tides. It is always better to go when it is low and stable, in this way you may take a bath and enjoy the landscape. Moreover, you may find hidden caves. Some of the best beaches in the north are: Del Ancón beach, Rambla de Castro beach and Benijo beach. On the other hand, if you prefer white sand, we recommend Las Teresitas beach, very close to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital.

The north is also characterized by concentrating the local culture of the island. Here you will know its history and traditions by visiting its historic centers, towns, museums and churches.

The identity of the place is also reflected in some religious festivities, pilgrimages, festivals and dances. And if you want to party, in the north you will not miss it: in addition to the typical celebrations there are also plentiful discos and terraces. The best known clubs are Rio, Tao and Bambú. On the other hand, you will have pubs and bars on Noria street and Anaga avenue in Santa Cruz.

Another of the most important cities is San Cristóbal de La Laguna, famous for its historic quarter declared a World Heritage Site in 1999, although it also concentrates a wide variety of pubs. In the northwest we highlight the municipality El Sauzal, where we find La Baranda, quite popular terrace because it has a glass viewpoint from which you can observe the majesty of Teide.

Throughout this area you can also taste the authentic Canarian cuisine. Guachinches are the traditional places par excellence, they are small bars located in houses or garages where typical dishes of the Canary Islands are cooked and wine is served in its own cellar.

Despite having abundant tourist attractions, the north has not lost its cultural essence. The culture and lifestyle of its people are clearly appreciated. So, if you are looking to get to know the destination to the fullest, the north is surely your best option.

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