Being a digital nomad is one of the most heard lifestyles nowadays and its birth has drawn a new work paradigm. A digital nomad is someone who works remotely, using the Internet and selling their knowledge or skills to other companies or people. Among the most striking features is the freedom of movement, since it is almost absolute because it does not require the presence in an office, giving the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world.

Are you a digital nomad and would you like to do your job from one of the islands with best weather in Europe? Or do you want to be a digital nomad and do not know where to start? Whatever your situation is, we recommend you travel to Tenerife.

Digital nomads can take a great leap of quality in this safe, privileged and pleasant Canary Island, making it an ideal destination for teleworking. Tenerife is a destination that keeps growing and gaining popularity. With regard to language, there is no problem in speaking in English as it is a highly tourist destination and the people are accustomed to receiving English-speaking visitors.

This is not all. Tenerife has many advantages that will make your stay pleasant and comfortable. Read on to see them!

1. Coworking spaces

In recent years, coworking spaces and makeshift offices designed to work and share space with other workers have been growing in Tenerife. These places are perfectly adapted to different professional needs, making the island a comfortable place to develop remote work.

2. Support for digital workers

Tenerife has several platforms that aim to attract digital talent and help digital nomads on their arrival to the island by guiding and supporting their establishment. According to a report published by the digital newspaper infoLibre: "where the institutional strategy is most developed is in the Canary Islands", unlike the rest of the Spanish territory.

In addition, there is an official project (Work&Play) promoted by Cabildo de Tenerife (the local government of the island) to support telework and facilitate the establishment on the island.

3. Climatic conditions

You will have the chance to telework and take a break in the beach while catching sun and cooling off in the sea. The average annual temperature is about 22ºC and raining is infrequent. This is one of the main reasons that make the Canary Islands the favorite destination of many tourists.

Because of its island status, Tenerife has beaches with bars and restaurants that offer deckchairs installed in the sand, so you will have a comfortable space to perform your tasks.

4. Infinity of landscapes

The place where you work at can significantly influence your performance and we already know that one of the greatest advantages of teleworking is being able to choose your space freely. In Tenerife you can choose your area of work and rest while visiting a multitude of landscapes: the mountain, the beach, a village, a city... On the island you will not lack a place of inspiration and concentration.

5. Leisure activities

One of the most common possible issues of teleworking is the lack of disconnection and the tendency to work constantly, being counterproductive and provoking a reduction in performance. Besides, failure to properly schedule your leisure time might cause a drop in energy and attention, a drop in humor and an increase in irritability, as well as possible work and emotional conflicts. Consequently, it is essential to balance rest time with work to maintain, and even increase, our productivity.

In Tenerife it is impossible to get bored, since the leisure offer is wide and has mutiple options to choose from: there are many restaurants, bars, shopping centers and activities to enjoy a good free time. In the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the nightlife stands out in such emblematic streets as Avenida Anaga or Calle La Noria.

6. Outdoor activities

Following the same idea above, another way to enjoy leisure and free time is by performing outdoor activities in nature. It should not be forgotten that daily physical activity is essential for people’s health and could contribute to improve work performance.

The geological conditions, weather and soils of the island make a diverse offer of activities and outdoor sports: you could choose to do trekking, surfing, kayaking, diving, trail running, snorkeling, hiking... and a host of other activities.

7. Internet connectivity

The island is at the cutting edge of technology, being considered as a technology center with an attractive and advanced market. In addition, it has excellent communications infrastructures that guarantee connectivity.

According to the report " Indicadores de Economía y Sociedad Digital por comunidades autónomas” (literally translated as Indicators of Economy and Digital Society by Autonomous Communities) of July 2020, prepared by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain, in 2019 91.1% of households in the Canary Islands had Internet access of some kind. On the other hand, among households that did not have this connection the main reason was that they did not need it, in no case was it mentioned that the service was not available. In the professional field, the number of companies with Internet access was 97.8%. While, in general, 4G coverage in the islands is 99.9%.

In this way, thanks to the good network infrastructure there are spaces open to the public that have their own free Wifi network, accessible and open to anyone: you can work both from a library and from a café while you drink something. In addition, the vast majority of accommodations, such as apartments, also have Internet access. You will not find any kind of connectivity problem!

8. Cost of living

Tenerife is an affordable destination for all pockets. Supermarket prices are relatively lower than in other regions of Spain and other European countries. For example, a 1.5L (approximately 50.72 ounces) bottle of water is around €0.60 (about $0.72).

On the other hand, with €10 or €15 ($12,09 or $18,14) you can enjoy the rich Canarian cuisine in anyone of the restaurants on the island. Another affordable option is to taste the delicious street food: you can eat an arepa for less than €3 ($3.63) or, if you prefer, eat at any of the fast food restaurants around the island, such as McDonalds or KFC.

To travel as a digital nomad, the hotel is not your only accommodation option: an apartment can be an ideal option if you also want to integrate more deeply into the destination and live as a citizen. You will also be able to stay as long as you deem appropriate and have more autonomy and privacy.

At Dream Apartments we have multiple apartments where you can stay and telework with comfort and tranquility. Moreover, we have private WiFi in any of our apartments to ensure your network safety. You will not need public connections.

Do not hesitate to contact us or look at the wide selection we have for you!


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